45 Essential Kitchen Tools & Appliances – Every Kitchen Must Have

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25 Essential Kitchen Tools and Gadgets

Chef knife

This is an all-purpose knife that comes with a wide blade and a curved tip. It is essential for chopping and disjointing big cuts of meat as it has a sturdy blade basically made for such tough tasks.
Paring knife

This is an important 3 to 4 inches long knife used for cutting vegetables and peeling fruits in the kitchen. It is also good for coring tomatoes and gives fine cuts.
Serrated or bread knife

This is a knife specifically designed to slice through your bread without causing messes. It comes with a deep thin edge that smoothly slices through sandwiches and fresh bread with precision.
Sharpening steel

Referred to as honing steel or chef’s steel, this kitchen tool is used for sharpening or honing kitchen knives’ blade edges and is made from diamond or ceramic coated steel or steel. Sharpening steels come in different shapes and sizes with some being round, oval and flat in cross-section.
Electric sharpener

Electric sharpeners are used for sharpening kitchen knives and are more advantageous compared to their manual counterparts in that they are faster and thorough. These sharpeners have different sharpening stages that allow users to sharpen their knives to precision.
Cutting board

Cutting boards offers the surface upon which you cut your foods including raw and cooked meat. These come in different sizes and shapes and are helpful when slicing or chopping your curve or roast meat and food items. Cutting boards also give support when cutting onions and fruits with ease. They are made of different materials such as wood and plastic.
Potato masher

A potato smasher is a tool for smashing cooked potatoes for smooth results. Potato smashers also work well when smashing other foods such as cooked carrots and soft vegetables once cooked. “Stainless steel smashers are the best for durability”.
Potato ricer

Ricers are equipped with a powerful lever and a large hopper which means you do not have to chop or peel your potatoes before cooking. You only need to press the potato into the small-holed sheet to produce potato pieces that are as small as a grain of rice.
Vegetable peelers

An efficient tool for peeling vegetables including potatoes and carrots as it does so quickly and with minimal wastage. Vegetable peelers normally remove a very thin piece of vegetable skin and this translates to more food for your cooking as compared to what a paring knife would do.
Garlic press

Kitchen tool specifically made for crushing garlic instead of slicing them using a kitchen knife or other unconventional methods. Large or whole Pieces of garlic are normally put in a press chamber and then pressed using some form of piston to generate tiny pieces of garlic ready for cooking.
Egg separator

This is a small, uncomplicated slotted kitchen utensil used specifically for separating egg white and egg yolk without causing any messes.
Fish scaler

A kitchen tool for removing scales from the fish’ skin without destroying their skin or cutting into the flesh. The fish scaler makes the work easy and enjoyable. It has sharp blades that make this process possible and precise.
Lemon press / Lemon squeezer

Kitchen tools used to press and extract juice by crushing and separating the fruits’ pulp. It is easy to use with fruits such as lemons, grapefruits, oranges and lime. Lemon press and lemon extractors come in different shapes and sizes but all work to produce the same results.

Food choppers are used for dicing or chopping cooking vegetables and ingredients for easier and faster cooking. Can be used on vegetables and fruits among other things. They come in different sizes and designs for you to choose from.
Salad spinner

Used in salad preparation, it helps get rid of excess water from the salad vegetable leaves using centrifugal force. This helps keep the salad vegetables from becoming limp thus allowing the salad oil and dressing to stick well on the leaves.
Can opener

Used to open canned foods in the kitchen with comfort and a smooth operation. It is efficient and does not leave rough, sharp edges on the edge of the tin and therefore is safer and precise. It gives your tin a good grip and with a turning knob it allows you to cut through the tin as you wish.
Meat grinder

Also known as meat mincer, the kitchen tool is used to chop or mince both raw and cooked foods into fine pieces. It can be used on fish, meat and vegetables among other types of food. Food grinders come in electric and manual forms and some are ideal for grinding frozen foods up to 25 degrees Celsius.
Rolling pin

A cylindrical marble or wooden kitchen tool used for rolling or flattening dough for cooking or baking pasta or pie. There you will get different types of rolling pins and all come in different sizes and shapes.
Ice cream scoop

Specialized spoons used in the kitchen to serve or measure ice creams. They are ideal for transferring specific amount of ice cream and other food substances with ease and efficiency.

A pair of tongs is ideal for grabbing and transferring meat and other food items from stock pots and deep fryers to a platter or any other serving utensil. Tongs work perfectly well in place of serving spoons and especially when handling huge chunks of food.
Pepper mill, salt & pepper shakers

Pepper mill is necessary for grinding peppercorns to make pepper in the kitchen. Salt and pepper shakers on the other hand are condiment holders used for distributing salt and pepper grains during mealtimes. There are classic and electronic pepper mills while salt and pepper shakers come in different sizes, shapes and colors for your choosing.

This bowl shaped kitchen tool is essential for performing various tasks such as straining tin contents and pasta, cleaning vegetables. Colanders are made of different materials and also come in different sizes.
Measuring cups/jug and spoons

These cups, jugs and spoons help in measuring cooking ingredients according to your chosen recipes. For precision and accuracy, you will find them to be ideal whether baking your favorite cake or cooking your favorite meal according to recipe instructions.
Oven mitt/glove

An oven mitt or glove is an insulated mitten or glove worn in the hand for protection when removing hot cooking or baking objects from ovens, cookware or stoves. They are made from insulated cotton fabrics while others are treated using silicon for stain and heat resistance.
BBQ tools

There are different BBQ tools including flippers and tongs which help turn and transfer pieces of meat when barbequing thus preventing possibilities of burn injuries. Others include long-handled forks, heat monitors and basting brushes for brushing your meat with sauces.

10 Kitchen Appliances You Must Have


A juicer is an appliance that is used to extract juice from food items such as fruits, leafy greens and herbs. It is the perfect appliance for making smoothies.

A blender or a liquidizer is used in the kitchen to mix, emulsify and puree various food items. A typical blender has a blender jar which has a rotating metal blade and it is powered by an electric motor.
Rice cooker
Rice cooker

Also called a rice steamer, this contraption’s purpose is to boil or steam rice. These kitchen appliances were first developed in Japan.
Slow cooker
Slow cooker

A slow cooker or Crock-Pot is an appliance that cooks food slowly. It is a countertop machine that simmers food. This entails maintaining temperatures that are relatively low when cooking things such as stews and boiled dinners.

This is a small kitchen appliance that is used to toast different types of bread. It was invented in 1893 in Scotland. There are two main types of toasters available; the toaster oven and the pop-up toaster.
Food processor
Food processor

A food processor is a machine that chops, mixes and purees food items. It makes it possible to do repetitive tasks when preparing food. There are manual and electric types available.
Microwave oven
Microwave oven

This contraption cooks food using a form of radio wave known as microwaves. It is a countertop kitchen appliance that is used to cook various types of foods. It is also available in different sizes, models and colors.
Bread Maker
Bread Maker

This is an appliance that is used to make bread. It comes with a bread pan/tin and there are built-in paddles at the bottom.
Water purifier
Water purifier

This is an appliance that is used to remove impurities as well as germs from drinking water. There are different types available on the market, and different models use different purification processes.
Sandwich maker
Sandwich maker

Also referred to as Panini Presses, these kitchen appliances are perfect for toasting sandwiches quickly and easily. You can also use it to fry eggs and omelets, as well as to make pancakes and waffles.

11 Essential Cookware


Saucepans are available in many shapes and sizes. As such, they are used for many common kitchen tasks. They are simple to maneuver and you can use them to make things such as sauces, rice, pudding, and gravy, just to mention a few.
Roasting Pans
Roasting Pans

This pan features low sides and an open design, giving the roasts a lot of exposure to the hot air in the oven. This means that your roasts will be browned evenly. Apart from roasting, this pan is also useful for deglazing drippings for sauces and gravies.
Dutch Oven
Dutch Oven

This machine is suitable for both stovetop and oven use. When compared with a conventional stockpot, it is wider and shallower. It also has a wide surface area for browning.
Rimmed baking sheets
Rimmed baking sheets

These baking sheets are used for a lot of things; from cooking meat and baking cookies to roasting vegetables, the list is endless. They also feature a wire cooling rack.
Stock Pot
Stock Pot

You can use this big pot to do a variety of things, including cooking pasta, preparing large quantities of homemade stock and steaming lobsters among other things. Although it is able to tackle big jobs, it is easy to store with other pans and pots.
Traditional skillet
Traditional skillet

This type of cookware features flared, shallow sides. Because of such features, the evaporation of moisture is quick. This makes food items sear and brown, instead of steam.
Non Stick Skillet
Non Stick Skillet

With this type of skillet, you can cook delicate foods such as fish, egg dishes and pancakes without sticking. It also browns food very well and it is easy to clean afterwards. Food is also redistributed quickly because of its flared sides.
Cast Iron Skillet
Cast Iron Skillet

This is the best type of pan when it comes to retaining heat. So it is the perfect cookware for searing food fast over high heat. Plus, when you use cast iron, oil remains hot, which means it is suitable for shallow frying.
Grill Pan
Grill Pan

This is the perfect pan if you want your meat to have those grill marks. This is the appliance to get if on occasion you want your meat to have more than just a nice sear.
Family Griddle
Family Griddle

A family griddle is a type of cookware that features a flat surface. It is perfect for making weekend family breakfast foods such as bacon, pancakes and eggs. You can make all this food on one flat surface.

This form of cookware is perfect for stir-frying. The best type is one that is non-stick. You can fry anything from vegetables to different types of meat.

Books: Kitchen Tips and Tricks

Below books help you to learn tips, tricks and guides about how to organize, manage and care your kitchen smartly.

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Kitchen Quick Tips
Kitchen Quick Tips
Although a renowned chef might not need this book, to an ordinary person it will be very helpful. It provides helpful tips; from how to prepare certain foods and organize your kitchen to storing and freezing foods, and cleaning the kitchen.
Grab you copy here.
The Best Kitchen Quick Tips
The Best Kitchen Quick Tips

This book contains tips and tricks that are very common to a lot of people. However, it is still helpful in that the tips are well explained, meaning someone who is not into cooking that much can actually prepare a decent meal.
Grab you copy here.
Brilliant Food Tips and Cooking Tricks
Brilliant Food Tips and Cooking Tricks

This book contains useful food tips and cooking tricks. It has 5,000 kitchen tips, as well as more than 900 delicious recipes from various food experts.

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The Ultimate Kitchen Guide (Free)
(Free) The Ultimate Kitchen Guide

This is the type of book that you need whether you want to cook a plain or a fancy meal. It contains a lot of helpful tips including how to crack an egg with one hand, how to select the juiciest oranges and how you can rescue a dish that has been over-salted.

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Kitchen Tricks + Paired Recipes (Free)
(Free) Kitchen Tricks + Paired Recipes

This book provides money saving kitchen tricks, helpful tools and customized tips. It contains delectable recipes and tricks to get the better of your kitchen appliances.
Download from here.

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