Cuisinart Dlc-2007n Food Processor Review

If you are looking for a fantastic addition to your kitchen, cuisinart dlc-2007n provides the best option. This I say from my experience having used this accessory for 2 years and also based on my research. I have not used any other food processor to be sincere and therefore I might not be able to compare this particular one with any other. However, I do not think I would buy a different type if I were to find myself in the market looking for one again.

cuisinart dlc-2007n

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Cuisinart food processor makes mincing and chopping very easier and enjoyable. The processor is easy to use and clean and its extra-large feed tube which means you do not need to spend time pre-cutting your ingredients before processing them. The 7-cup food processor helps me to enjoy homemade breads as I can make dough in addition to other tasks. Cuisinart dlc-2007 food processor is also amazing when it comes to slicing, shredding, chopping, cutting and mixing. After using this medium-sized food processor in my kitchen and doing some research on other accessories within the same price range, I decided to share my findings with you.

A powerful 600-watt motor

The power of a food processor makes it easy for you to get the best results when processing your food. This is something you are guaranteed of when using cuisinart dlc-2007n as it has a 600-watt motor. This powerful motor produces the ideal speed suitable for kneading dough in the 7-cup work bowl with the desired consistency. This food processor is a real kitchen assistant that will not let you down. The motor can power the food processor to knead approximately 1 ½ pounds of dough.

Big and small feed tubes

The food processor has two distinct feed tubes that will help you prepare foods of different sizes. The extra-large feed tube makes your work easier and faster since you do not need to pre-cut your fruits and vegetables before pushing them through the appliance. The large oval-shaped feed tube has a dimension of 4 ¼ inches by 2 ¾ inches and combined with the pusher assembly makes it easier for cuisinart food processor to accommodate large pieces of ingredients.

On the other hand, the small tube is cylindrical and can be found within the pusher section. It features a hollow pusher and you can dribble some oil through a pin-hole located at the bottom of the pusher whenever you need to make things such as mayonnaise.

Stainless steel blades

Cuisinart dlc-2007n has a number of stainless steel blades for different tasks. This makes them safe for use at all times and you do not have to fear about corrosion. These blades include the dough blade, chopping blade, shredding and slicing discs.

Features and specifications of Cuisinart Dlc-2007n

  • This Cuisinart food processor incorporates a reliable 600-watt power motor that runs the equipment consistently throughout the processing.
  • Two feed tubes (one small and one big) making it easier and fast to fulfill your food processing tasks any time.
  • Lexan work mixing bowl which is heat and cold resistant and also shatterproof.
  • Stainless steel blades, dough blade, chopping/mixing blade, shredding disc and slicing disc.
  • Automatically adjustable speed for finer and consistent dough
  • Thw food processor weighs 15 pounds and has a dimension of 14.5 by 13 by 9.3 inches.

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Customer reviews and rating

Cuisinart dlc-2007n is a highly useful food processor. It can perform different tasks including slicing, kneading, chopping and shredding among others. If you are interested in saving time and avoiding manual food processing, then this will be the food processor to take.

I found 332 customer reviews and ratings related to cuisinart food processor and overall, customers had awarded it a 4.5 star rating out of the possible 5. Customer reviews in Amazon are generally positive despite a few negative comments by unsatisfied users. One of the users in particular said, “The clear handles of the lid and mixing compartment which show up dark gunk which can’t be properly cleaned out.”

However, this does not seem to be an issue related with functionality of Cuisinart dlc-2007n. The same customer continues with his/her comment by saying, “We want to now get a processor with a colored handle for asthetic reasons.

Other customers give this appliance thumbs up. Some of the comments include, “This unit for its price is excellent and sturdy.” And another one said, “High performance and quiet.”

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I would highly recommend cuisinart food processor if you are looking for a reliable processing partner in your kitchen. Its cost justifies the performance and you will enjoy every single moment using it.

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